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Understanding More About The German Cockroach

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If you have seen any cockroaches crawling around your property, it is highly likely that these are German cockroaches. These are one of the most common species of cockroaches in Australia; they are so flat and adept that they can easily hide in the minutest of cracks and crevices. While they do prefer dark and humid places, these creatures can live in almost any type of climate and environment. Cockroaches are extremely resilient creatures and have learnt to adapt and evolve and built resilience to a wide range of insecticides.

This is exactly what makes it so challenging to eliminate a German cockroach infestation once it gets severe. If they find shelter and food in a particular place, they will be reluctant to move out. While the cockroach infestation will typically start from bathroom and kitchen drains, it doesn’t take long for it to spread to other areas of the house or commercial business space.

German Cockroach Facts


  • ½ to 5/8″ in length
  • Tan to light brown in colour
  • Has wings but is a flightless creature
  • It has 2 dark lines running right from the head across the length of its wings


  • As mentioned earlier, they are generally found in bathroom and kitchen spaces where they can easily find food, moisture and warmth.
  • They scavenge on foods in the kitchen, garbage, glue bindings of books and any other starchy substances.
  • Like living in tight spaces where they are able to touch their backs and front surfaces.
  • They lay eggs and live in kitchen and pantry cabinets, garages, attics, and basements, closet spaces, under beds and carpets as well as in the creases of curtains and in appliances if they have to.
  • They move across floors via wiring and pipes and so if one floor of an apartment building has a German cockroach infestation, it doesn’t take long for it to spread to other floors.
  • These pests are nocturnal in nature, and tend to venture out at night, scavenging for food. However, if you do spot any cockroaches crawling around your home even during the daytime, it’s an indication that the population has grown to such an extent that they are being compelled to move out of their hiding places.


A cockroach carries around its egg cases that contain developing eggs. Each of these cases can easily hold around 30-48 eggs and that’s the number of young that a female cockroach can produce every 6 weeks. This means, given the right conditions and with just 2 generations being born each year, a German cockroach infestation can easily get bloated to 10,000 offspring in just a single year.

The Damage and Disease

These creatures cause extensive damage to various items on your property; they chew through any starchy products like paper etc. They defile food products and various surfaces in your home with their excrement. Aside from this, they can also be extremely hazardous because:

  • They are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, and parasites including Entamoeba histolytica.
  • They can also carry viruses such as Polio.
  • They can trigger asthma and a number of allergens as well.
  • A very severe cockroach infestation can make people living or working there, more sensitive to them.
  • They let off a very peculiar odour that they leave behind on all the surfaces and foods they crawl across.
  • Their mere presence can also cause anxiety and distress in many people.

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