keep starlings away from your property

Tips To Keep Starlings Away From Your Property

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European starlings, also called common starlings are seemingly harmless but they are one of the most shunned backyard birds; unfortunately, they are extremely tenacious and determined and very difficult to get rid of. However, if you want to get rid of starlings from your property, you don’t have to feel dejected at all. There are ways of driving away these birds from your property without warding off other birds you may like having in your yard.

Why are starlings so problematic?

Starlings are a highly invasive species, not just in Australia, but in many other parts of the world as well; in fact, it doesn’t take long for them to become a major nuisance even in their native range. There are a number of reasons why starlings are such a nuisance:

  • Starlings have very rasping, and loud squawk that isn’t melodious at all and they create this cacophony incessantly.
  • These birds are gregarious creatures that wander around in large flocks, right round the year. It doesn’t take long for this large number of starlings to usurp all the food and water from bird feeding stations that homeowners place in their yards; and no other bird can manage to get a bite to eat when starlings are in the vicinity.
  • Starlings are also very aggressive in nature and when they are seeking food and nesting sites, they won’t hesitate to attack and kill any other birds that happen to be there.
  • They are also very fast breeders and a pair of birds can easily raise two to three broods annually; it doesn’t take long for the starling population to spiral out of control. They quickly overtake various native species of birds and cause extreme competition for the limited resources that are available.
  • Starlings typically prefer living in open grassy areas and golf course and suburban landscaping becomes the ideal spots for them. This means it doesn’t take too long for them to quickly come close to houses and bird feeders and they simply take over resources that have been kept there for other bird species.

Some tips

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you would want to keep starlings out of your yard. Here are a few tips to keep starlings away from your property:

Install restrictive feeders

These are tube feeders that have very small mesh designs and perches, which are very uncomfortable for starlings. Domed feeders are another good option as these birds can’t really feed well from an upside-down position.

Choose foods smartly

Starlings are very fond of kitchen scraps, cracked corn and foods like suet. If you abstain from placing these foods in your bird feeders, these pest birds are less likely to be attracted to your yard. Starlings aren’t particularly fond of whole peanuts, nectar and safflower seeds and keeping these foods in the yard is a good way to dissuade them.

Remove natural food sources

Starlings will also freely feed on fruiting trees and shrubs that bear vegetable and fruit. It’s a good idea to cover the foliage with netting to prevent the starlings from feeding on the fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Reduce harbourage

If you find starlings nesting in your backyard, simply trim and prune your plantings. This will make them uncomfortable and will compel them to seek shelter in more suitable locations.

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