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The Best Way To Control Firewood Pests On Your Property

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While the Australian weather doesn’t really demand the need of a fireplace installation, many homes do have these features either in the indoor or alfresco spaces of their homes. They have a quintessential charm and can make your home cosier and comfortable when there is a nip in the air.

While many people do have gas fuelled fireplaces, some still prefer wood burning features and like to hear the crackling of the fire and see the burning wood embers as they relax around the fireplace with their family and friends. This also means they need to have a stock of firewood on their property, which is generally stored in a section of the yard, maybe in a tool shed.

In some homes, it could be piled up against an exterior wall of the house or garage. However, this firewood can harbour various pests and when you carry it indoors; you also allow these pests easy access into your home. The good news is that it isn’t all that difficult to keep these pests out of your home. Here are the best things you can do to control firewood pests on your property:

How to control firewood pests

#1 Store the Firewood a Distance Away From Your Home Structure

It’s never a good idea to stack firewood against the exterior walls of your home or any outdoor structure. This is because various wood-boring pests can easily tunnel their way directly from the logs into your home’s structure. And so, when you stack any wood against your home structure, that becomes an open invitation to the pests to make your home their home. You should ideally store firewood a minimum of 3 feet from a structure.

#2 Stack All Your Firewood Off The Ground

Ensure that the firewood isn’t in contact with the ground. Place bricks, firewood grates or even concrete blocks under the woodpile. This helps reduce the build-up of moisture at the bottom of the woodpile as there is a certain amount of airflow. This reduces the chances of attracting wood-boring insects.

#3 Stack Firewood Away From Trees

Don’t stack wood piles against or around living trees; this is because insects such as bark beetles that live in the woodpile, can easily travel towards trees in the landscape and tunnel through the bark, causing severe damage to them. These insects can easily spread to the rest of the plantings in the landscape and cause havoc and irrevocable damage there too.

#4 Never Store Firewood Indoors

You should never store firewood in any of the indoor areas such as the garage, basement or any other area of your home. Insects can easily emerge from the wood and start nesting in various areas of your home. Aside from this, the firewood pile becomes a very attractive harbourage for other insect pests and rodents.

A Few More Tips

Any new wood that you buy in the summer should be kept covered in a sunny spot in the yard; this helps kill off pests that are living in the wood. The other way to minimise any new infestations of summer/spring-emergent insects is to buy wood in late summer right up to late fall. Check local regulations on transporting and storing firewood.

If you do find insects in firewood that you have brought into your home, simply swat them or spray them with insecticides (follow the instructions mentioned on the label). If you find the infestation is too severe, call Emblem Pest Services at this number – 1800 244 778. We provide high-grade, residential and commercial pest control services across Sydney, at very competitive pricing.

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