Australian Poisonous Spiders

Australian Poisonous Spiders Guide

Cities across Australia have hundreds of species of spiders and now researchers are saying that urban spiders are getting bigger and scarier. But that does not mean they all are venomous or harmful- they just seem to be evolving at a fast pace and it seems that busier and denser cities have larger spiders. For those who think that spiders live and breed only in filthy places, think again.

In Every Habitat

These insects will live anywhere and everywhere- indoors as well as outdoors on even the cleanest properties. Apparently, they seem to do very well when there is good lighting- there is more to prey on and they put much more energy into growing bigger. Read on our poisonous spider guide and take a look at some poisonous spiders in Australia and it goes without saying that these are best avoided:

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

If you happen to come up against any wolf spider, you must know that they do not have an aggressive streak in them. They would rather flee than bare their fangs, but if they feel threatened or cornered they will dig their fangs into your skin. This spider bite is extremely painful, can cause severe allergic reactions like nausea and giddiness and you will have to seek medical help.

Black House Spider

This spider is velvety black in colour and will be found living and breeding in window frames, in the brickwork, in the toilet and under eaves. But they will also live under rocks & barks of trees. Though their bite is not really fatal, it will be painful and causes heavy sweating, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and muscle pains. Medical attention is a must.

Black House Spider
Mouse Spiders

Mouse Spider

Though these spiders prefer to live in gardens, they will occasionally wander into the house. They generally come out during the daytime. They will not attack without reason. However, if they are disturbed, they will bite and the wound will have a deep pain and cause severe illness too. It is important to apply first aid and get medical attention without delay.

Red Back Spider

These spiders are found lurking in dark and dingy areas like the undersides of chairs or letter boxes. They have powerful fangs and a strong nerve poison which affects the nervous system of the person who gets bitten. The person will also suffer from symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, and abdominal pain. If left untreated, it can lead to paralysis or death. It goes without saying that this is one spider you have to stay away from.

Red back spiders
Funnel Web Spiders

Funnel Web Spider

This is one of the most dangerous Australian spiders. They live in gardens but on humid nights, will move into houses. Both, the male and female spiders are extremely aggressive and dangerous and have venom called atraxotoxin, which contains deadly toxins. The minute this spider feels threatened, it will attack & bite the victim multiple times. Its venom is lethal and if not treated immediately, the victim can die. But there is an effective anti-venom and as long as it is administered on time, the person will survive.

Daddy-long-legs Spider

These spiders are very commonly found in most Australian cities. They spin very fine, tangled webs under furniture, in garages and sheds, ceiling corners and behind doors. If it is disturbed, the spider spins wildly and turns into a blur. It is believed that this spider has the most toxic venom. But in reality, that is a myth and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that can back this up. However, in case of an allergic reaction, medical attention will be necessary

Pest Control Penrith

Importance of Pest Control

These are just some of the venomous and not-so-venomous species of spiders found in Australian cities. The fact is that there are many more. It’s not possible for you to identify all of them and so the best way to ensure that you and your family are not affected by them is to get regular pest control actioned in and around your home. A number of these Australian Poisonous Spiders tend to migrate into homes and enclosed spaces when the weather outside is not conducive to them.

Expert Pest Control

The Best Services

It is important to keep indoor spaces free from all kinds of pests including spiders. The one way to ensure this is to hire the services of a reliable and expert pest control company like Emblem Pest Services. When we handle regular pest control for you, there are fewer chances of these pets infesting and breeding in your home.

We are very thorough with our work and focus on providing complete customer satisfaction. We ensure that every nook and cranny of your house is treated properly and that all the spider Sydney webs are cleaned out methodically too. For effective and lasting spider control in Penrith and the surrounding suburbs in Sydney, contact Emblem Pest Services 1800 244 778.

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