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General Information

Termites are known to be damaging pests in either a residential or commercial building. The pest termite may also be called white ants, and if they are not managed with the right pest control services and techniques, can cause widespread damage to a structure. In Australia, all the parts of the mainland are at risk and a number of structure across Sydney tend to have termite infestations. In most cases, it is the climatic conditions and concentration of buildings that aggravates the issue.

Termite Control Penrith


  • Termites live in large colonies that could range from a few hundred to several million termites and it contains soldiers & workers (very similar to ant colonies). But there are also some semi-mature insects as well as reproducing females and males
  • These insects are ecologically important as they help in recycling dead plant material. During their digestive process, they produce very large quantities of hydrogen

Signs of Termites

You will never see termites out in the open. They live and breed in humid, dark and protected environments and this is exactly what makes it very difficult to detect them, until a lot of damage has been done. This is exactly why it is important to get an annual termite-inspection. We at Emblem Pest Services have the expertise to handle this inspection and any required treatment with the highest levels of expertise. But there are certain signs you can look out for:

  • Papery/Hollow-Sounding Timber– When the termites eat through timber, they leave a very fine veneer of paint or timber. If you tap/ knock in the area which has termite damage, you will hear a papery or hollow sound in the spots where the timber has been eaten
  • The Vacuum Cleaner Damages the Skirting Board- Since termites eat the timber in the structure, when you are vacuuming the house, the pressure that is caused by the vacuum damages the door jamb/skirting board/architrave
  • Tight-Fitting Doors and Windows– As the termites eat through the timber, the mud that is created by their excrement traps moisture and heat and causes the wood to swell, which makes it difficult to open windows & doors

In addition to this, you may find termite mud near the wooden elements in your home, or even on the brick surfaces.

Termite Control Blue Mountains


It is important to carry our termite inspections and Penrith controlling on a regular basis. This helps in the early-detection of any termite activity on your property. This helps in preventing large-scale damage & expensive repairs. When we carry out termite inspections on your home, we also access all the conditions which can make your property more prone to damage from termites and suggest methods that can be used to curb that damage.

It is recommended that a through termite inspection be carried out at least once a year. In areas that are a higher risk from termites, the recommendation is that the inspection be carried out more frequently on these Penrith pests.

Types of Termite Treatment

Types of Termite Treatments

There are a range of termite treatments that we use and this is based on the severity of the infestation and the location of the colonies:

  • Physical Termite Barriers– These are generally used in the pre-construction phase and have to be installed in stages as your home or office building is getting constructed. This protective layer has to be set in place before the concrete slab is poured and it is also installed along the structure’s perimeter. But this particular method is used only before the actual structure in place
  • The Reticulation System– This is an entire network of pipes that are laid underground to evenly distribute the termite-control chemical across the building. We use very precise chemical application and reapplication which provides effective and long-term protection against termite infestations
  • Chemical Barriers– In this treatment, a liquid chemical is applied to the soil, just under the concrete floor/ around the building perimeter and can be used at any point in the building’s life

Monitoring and Baiting

Termite monitoring & baiting involves using termite bait stations. These are placed in a very unobtrusive manner aright round the periphery of the building and are useful in detecting termite activity. Once we install these on your property, we also monitor them on a regular basis for termite activity.

The Benefits

  • Termites cause a lot of damage to structures and getting regular treatment done, is the one way of avoiding monetary losses
  • Generally, termite losses are not covered by insurance, which makes our treatment so valuable
  • Since termite infestations are not easily noticeable, getting regular inspections and pest control Penrith is the best way of tackling the issue on time

Get rid of the Pests from your Property

If left undetected, termites can cause extensive damage to the entire structure. Do not risk this kind of an impact. Simply contact Emblem Pest Services 1800 244 778 for the best termite control services and pest Penrith inspections in and around Penrith, Hawkesbury and The Blue Mountains.

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