Pre-construction Termite Treatment

General Information

If you are building your new home / renovating or extending and existing structure, it is important that pre-construction termite treatment is installed. It is a requirement by Australian construction standards, for a physical barrier to be incorporate in all new construction.

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Things to Focus On

The perimeter and penetrations have to be protected but the actual minimum requirements for all pre-construction termite protection can vary from one structure to the next. Here are a few things to make note of:

  • If you are pouring in a new concrete slab, you may or may not have to install termite protection. This will depend on the where the slab is being poured, but Emblem Pest Services recommends that it is better to get the termite protection done. When you install this under the concrete slab, you will not have to drill & inject that slab at a later date
  • The best way of avoiding unexpected surprises with termite protection is to get a quote before the work actually starts. This way, you will be aware of the solution that is required and the phase at which it should be installed
  • In most instances, multiple visits will be required and these cannot be decided in advance. The quotation that we provide will have all the details about the stages at which the pre-construction termite protection will be installed. As the work progresses, you can contact us a few days in advance and each visit can be scheduled accordingly
  • Just as with all other pests, this treatment also starts with ensuring that there are no termite-attractants on your property. These are the things you should take care of- Ensure that the water drains are not close to the foundation of the structure. Use downspouts and gutters or rainwater tanks. If there are any retaining walls or other in-ground wood structures, it is best to have them removed
  • When a new home is being designed, there are a number of termite-control strategies that can be incorporated into the construction phase, which will go a long way in reducing termite control treatments in the future. The things you should focus on:
    • Use as little timber in the structure as possible. It is much better to use steel framing wherever possible
    • Ensure that the concrete slabs are designed properly and that they have exposed edges
    • If you are constructing a timber-floored home, then keep enough space for underfloor inspection

When it comes to pre-construction termite control quotes- it’s not something we can provide over the phone. Our experts will carry out a site consultation with your builder/ with you, examine the construction plans that the architect has provided and we will then provide you a no-obligation quote for the work.


  • As per industry surveys, 30 percent of homes in and around Sydney get affected by a termite infestation, most of them within 5 years of being constructed. This means that almost 1 in 3 homes gets affected by termites
  • Termites prefer to live in humid conditions- keep the air under your house dry by enhancing sub-floor ventilation, access and drainage
  • Termites can’t chew through properly-laid concrete- ensure that the concrete slab is designed, compacted & cured properly
Termite Treatment
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Types of Pre-construction Termite Treatment

The termite management systems that we use have chemical & physical components that are applied at progressive stages while the project is underway. In the case of a new home, we first make use of a physical barrier like a pre-slab and/or chemical. After this, we use physical products and /or chemical right round the perimeter at various stages of the construction.

There are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration in every pre-construction termite treatment project as there are different conditions and different products. We are specialists in this field and will review plans, visit the actual site, consult with the builder & discuss all the options with you to decide which option is best-suited to your requirement and circumstances.

The Benefits of Pre-construction Pest Control

  • The simple fact is that termites can cause extensive damage to the structure and wooden furniture in your home and prevention is always better than cure
  • In most cases, termite damage has no insurance cover, which makes it important to carry out the treatment on time
  • Since this infestation is not easily visible in the initial stages, pre-construction treatment is a better option
  • If you have a lot of wooden elements in the structure, the infestation can damage the entire building within a short time. It is best to avoid this.

Get rid of the Pests from your Property

The one way to be sure that you are getting the best pre-construction termite treatment is to get the installation done from Emblem Pest Services. We provide the best and guaranteed services protecting home to customers across The Blue Mountains, Penrith and Hawkesbury as well as the surrounding areas. You can contact us on 1800 244 778.

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