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Even as a larger number of homes and commercial buildings are constructed in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, the decks, mulch beds, decorative landscaping, foundations, surrounding trees and wooden structures attract a large number of common pests like ants, cockroaches and bugs. Emblem Pest Services provides you with pest control & management solutions that are safe, effective, environmentally-friendly & competitively priced.

What are General Pests?

These are the different types of pests that we treat each day as part of our service:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Bird Mites
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Black ants
  • Spiders
  • Pest Birds
  • Moths/ Carpet Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Funnel ants
  • Green ants
  • German Cockroaches
  • Maggots
  • Rats and mice
  • Mosquitoes / Flies/ Midges
  • Pest termite

If you have a pest infestation such as this one on your property, or any other unusual pest problem, contact us without delay on our listed number. We provide customised solutions that are effective in dealing with even the worst general pest infestations on residential and commercial properties.

General Pest Facts:

Did you know these facts about the pests that might be in your property:

  • Though bed bugs, ants bees, beetles and termite pest seem like small creatures, they too can be harmful to humans.
  • Insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes and mice are carriers of various diseases and can harm your property too
  • Though effective pest control treatments can get rid of some of these pests in a single treatment, it is best to have follow-up and preventive treatments.


Spiders are generally found in basements, ceiling cavities, behind furniture & in cracks between floor boards. You will rarely see house spiders except when you are cleaning your house as they get disturbed at that time. They feed on other spiders and small insects and may use a silk web for catching their prey. Spiders generally prefer undisturbed, sheltered and dark places.

A spider
house coachroach


Cockroaches are essentially scavengers and they are found in buildings as well as outdoors- anywhere they can get some organic matter to eat. What is also very important to note is that they are survivors and there are almost 3,000 cockroach species across the world. Most cockroaches are disease-carriers and can affect the health of humans. These pest Sydney prefer dark, humid and warm spaces that are also close to some food sources. You will find cockroaches in drains, garbage areas, sewers, kitchen cupboards, refrigerators, dishwashers and benches. They spread disease organisms like Salmonella that can cause Dysentery, Typhoid, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis. Many people are also allergic to cockroaches and can cause severe asthmatic attacks. When we handle cockroach control, we thoroughly treat all the key breeding areas and ensure that the entire colony is eliminated.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are pests, but it is also important to note that they do not generally sting unless they are disturbed, harmed, threatened or handled. There are almost 75,000 wasp species & 20,000 bee species across the world. Only very few of these are considered to be hazardous on account of their stings. Bees can be a nuisance if they build hives under roofs of homes or any commercial building. Wasps can be found near garbage & picnic spots. We use chemical management and nest/hive destruction or removal treatments to deal with bees and wasps.

A bee
General Pest Control Treatment

Treatments for General Pests

  • In most cases, a combination of treatments is used to get rid of general pests. If we are using a general treatment like a spray, you will not have to empty any of the cupboards etc, unless there is a very severe cockroach infestation.
  • The chemicals that we use in this treatment are completely safe for humans & pets. But fish and reptiles may be harmed with some of the pesticides. If you have these in your home, they will have to be kept in another place while the treatment is being carried out.
  • We may use bait or barriers in cases where we feel that the sprays are not effective enough in your pest home.
  • Pest birds will also be baited and removed from your property
  • The general treatment covers all the pests mentioned above and rodents, borers, fleas and termite control will require specialized services and specific solutions.

The Benefits:

  • Pests are a risk to humans and can do irrevocable damage to your property. When we handle this service for you, all these problems can be avoided.
  • Commercial establishments are required to get pest control done on a regular basis and it helps in keeping the space disease-free.
  • Maintaining the reputation of your business is a lot about maintaining cleanliness and ensuring that there are no pests. This is especially true if you run a restaurant or a hotel.

General Pest Control in your Property

Emblem Pest Services is a reputed and well-established pest control company that can control termite, can treat residential and commercial spaces with equal levels of expertise. For the best control in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, contact us on 1800 244 778.

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