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Outdoor Control Methods To Keep Flies Away

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House flies can be quite the nuisance; they always originate outdoors and infest homes or commercial spaces in the vicinity. This is why, the very first step to successful fly control is inspecting your home and the outdoor spaces of your property to determine where these pests are breeding and living and from which spot they are entering your home. Once you have found out all these things, it becomes much easier to sanitise spaces, and incorporate exclusion, chemical or mechanical controls.

Inspecting your home for house flies

To find out where the flies are nesting and breeding and where their entry points are, you should:

  • Watch the flies and see where they’re resting and landing and find out what they are attracted to.
  • Identifying the flies is important as you need to understand whether you are dealing with cluster flies, blow flies or house flies. This will help determine what type of management that is required to get rid of them.
  • If you notice a large number of flies swarming around your home, it’s very likely that there is a breeding site somewhere on your property or on a neighbouring one.
  • It’s very important to identify the source of the infestation. This is because just killing the adult flies won’t help solve the problem. Once the source has been treated using suitable pest control methods, you will be able to deal with the problem more effectively.

Sanitation and exclusion processes to follow

The steps you need to take to control a house fly infestation on your property include:

  • Clean up all the sites you have seen flies in large number or breeding
  • Remove manure and any other wet organic materials such as compost and garbage that may be lying around in the yard
  • Place all garbage cans as far away from your house structure as possible
  • All the garbage bins should have tight-fitting lids
  • Seal garbage bags properly before placing them in the cans
  • Keep pet kennels clean
  • Clear up pet faeces regularly
  • Remove stagnating water and pools of water from your property
  • Make sure that there are no leaky garden hoses and taps in the landscaping. The objective is to eliminate all sources of moisture
  • Clean up spilled drinks and foods

Steps to keep flies out of the outdoor areas

When you use appropriate preventive methods in the outdoor areas of your property, it’s one of the best ways to prevent flies from breeding in these spaces and from entering your home. Some of the outdoor methods you can use to keep flies away include:

  • Place cone traps at strategic points in the yard and other spaces where you have seen too many flies.
  • Place UV light traps on patios, decks, balconies and in the swimming pool areas.
  • Use aerosol fly sprays for quick knockdown as they kill flies on contact; you can use these just before your BBQ parties and picnics, Make sure you don’t spray these anywhere near the food tables. When you are setting any fly baits or using any sprays or pesticides, make sure that these are kept away from kids and pets
  • If you have noticed too many flies along overhangs or any other exterior areas of your home, you can use properly-labelled pesticides there.
  • When you use insecticides, make it a point to repeat the application every 2-4 weeks, especially in the warmer weather.
  • While files don’t pose a major problem in the winter months, these pests are attracted to moisture and garbage and if they find the right conditions on your property, it won’t be long before you find yourself dealing with a housefly infestation.

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