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How To Select a Reliable Pest Control Company

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We often handle jobs where we are called in for a second opinion or have to fix up some other pest control company’s work, especially for termite control. This includes incorrect chemicals and treatments being used in the work as well as incorrect information being added to termite reports etc.

In fact, we have also had some customers telling us that the pest control company they hired mentioned on their termite inspection report that the subfloor had been inspected; this when their home had been built on a concrete slab. At times, the property owners end up spending a significant amount of money to get this shoddily-handled job fixed or rectified.

If you conduct a quick internet search for “local pest control company”, you will find hundreds of companies showing up in the search results. While it’s always great to have a wide choice, it also makes choosing the right company even more difficult. Here we give you some pointers on how to select a reliable pest control company:

Licencing and insurance

This is one of the most important aspects you should be taking into consideration. When you hire the services of a particular company and they send their technicians, ask to see their licenses; this is a basic step you should be following. Make sure that the company is fully insured. Insurance can be quite expensive; however, it’s crucial to protect against liability as well as to protect your property.

Experience and credibility

Make it a point to visit the company’s website; ascertain whether it looks professional and provides relevant information. Have they mentioned their certifications on their site and for how long they have been in business? All of these are important aspects you should be checking before hiring the company for any type of pest control on your property.

Knowledgeable and proactive

You are bound to have some questions for the technician that comes to your home. They as well as the office staff you speak with over the phone should be proactive with answering your questions. They should also be knowledgeable and be able to provide you all the information you need. Even when they don’t have a ready answer to something, are they quick with telling you that they will find out and get back to you with the needed information?


When the pest control technicians come to your door, they should be in uniform and their overall appearance should also be clean and professional. When you look at their vehicle and the equipment they are using, it should exude professionalism.

Reviews and testimonials

Today, it isn’t very difficult to find information on what type of service quality the company provides. Many customers post reviews on review sites such as Yelp and you can also check the company’s website for testimonials. This will give you a much better idea about what the previous customers are saying about the company.


It’s important that you request quotes for the same job from two to three different pest control companies in your local area; and keep in mind that the lowest quote isn’t necessarily the best. Similarly, a company with a higher quote need not always provide high-quality services. Compare the estimates with the services that have been included and ones that haven’t. The pricing information should be taken into consideration keeping all the other above mentioned aspects in view.

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