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House Flies Are A Nuisance – Here’s How You Can Get Rid of Them

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In most instances, house flies originate in outdoor spaces. This is why the most important step of getting rid of a housefly infestation is to inspect your property to identify where these pests are living & breeding; the other thing to determine is how exactly they are getting into your home. Once you have found out these things, you would have to follow exclusion, sanitation, chemical/mechanical control techniques to keep them out.

Determine where the flies are breeding

Watch the flies and check where they rest or land. If you find there are hoards of flies in and around your home, it indicates there is a breeding site somewhere on your neighbouring property. If you don’t find the incidence of breeding ground on your property, hire pest control experts to help solve this problem and seek the cooperation of your neighbours to help get rid of this menace. Once you have identified the exact location of the breeding ground, you can kick-start the housefly control treatment. These are the steps you should follow:

#1 Clean up indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Clean up all the site/s where you have found flies breeding.
  • Eliminate food sources in and around the site.
  • Remove all manure and wet organic materials as it takes only 1 week for a housefly to complete its lifecycle.
  • Have the garbage picked up twice every week; this helps break the breeding cycle
  • Try to keep the dumpster areas far away from your home.
  • Clean the trash bins with regularity and ensure they have tight-fitting lids.
  • If you are using plastic garbage bags, ensure they are sealed properly.
  • Clear up pet faeces from the garden and yard spaces regularly.
  • Remove dying or dead plants and vegetation.
  • If you a have pets, pick up/cover their food bowls after their feeding time and ensure that the space is clear of all spilled food.
  • Eliminate stagnated water or any sources of moisture around your yard.
  • Keep the compost piles far away from your home.

#2 Use exclusion measures

As mentioned at the outset, most flies that you see in the indoor spaces of your home, have originated from the outdoors and the first line of defence is to set up barriers that will prevent them from entering your house. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Seal all the cracks around doors and windows.
  • Use custom made, fine window mesh installations and add screen doors.

#3 Mechanical methods to trap flies

These methods will have a very limited impact in outdoor spaces; however, they can prove to be effective in indoor areas. You can set fly traps such as:

  • Inverted cone traps that have fly-food attractants
  • Resin strips with insecticide content – these have to be placed inside the lids of your garbage cans; the files that try to get into the trash get attracted to these and perish
  • UV light traps can be placed in indoor areas; you can also try placing them in deck, patio and poolscape spaces

#4 Outdoor Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments should be used only if none of the other methods have worked. This is because houseflies build resistance to different types of insecticides which makes it very difficult to control fly populations. Some of the chemical treatments you can use are:

  • Aerosol sprays – these kill flies only on direct contact. Ensure you don’t use these in areas where there is any exposed food lying around
  • Insecticide fly baits can also be installed in bait stations to attract & kill houseflies
  • Residual pesticides can be placed in areas where you have noticed flies in outdoor spaces.

If you are dealing with a very severe housefly infestation on your property, call Emblem Pest Services at this number – 1800 244 778. We provide high-grade, residential and commercial pest control services across Sydney.

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