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How and Why Herbs and Bird Baths in Your Garden Attract Rats

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Rats are pretty cautious creatures, and you won’t see them walking around your premises openly when there is too much light or too many people around. They tread wearily unlike mice that are naturally curious and bold. Most people are aware that rats venture into indoor spaces primarily in search of shelter and water; it’s why they wonder whether the bird baths and even the herbs growing in their gardens attract rats.

As mentioned earlier, rats are very cautious and so they might not approach the bird baths right away, but that’s not likely to keep them away from the water for too long, especially if there is no other ready source of water in the vicinity. Rats typically live in underground sewers that have running as well as still waters; and so even if there is a fountain feeding the bird bath, that isn’t likely to keep the rats away for long.

Some facts

  • Rats have an affinity for water, and pet rats are also known to splash around in small baths made especially for them by their owners.
  • Rats are skilled climbers and can climb up the sides of pipes on the exterior of buildings and can scale trees as well; and so even if you place the fountain at a certain height from the ground, that doesn’t act as a deterrent, and they will easily find their way into the bird bath.
  • Interestingly, they can also jump up to 3′ high into the air from a standing position and can drop 50′ without getting hurt.
  • Rats are accomplished swimmers; they can tread water for up to 2 days and can swim through sewer lines against the currents.
  • Most homeowners ensure that the bird baths in their gardens are full of water (especially in the summer months when the weather is drier and warmer); if there is also a fountain in the bird bath the flow of water will be constant anyway. In the summer time there are also fewer sources of water available and it’s likely that more rats will be attracted to the bird bath in your garden. If you have any outdoor pet water bowls or even a swimming pool, those can also attract these pests to your garden.
  • Rats can easily squeeze through very small openings – up to ½ inch, and can easily wiggle through small gaps to climb into the inside of your bird bath fountain.
  • Rats have very sharp teeth and can gnaw through various materials, including paper, wood, concrete, plaster, cinderblock and more

Will rats be attracted the herbs growing in your garden?

Rats mainly prefer to feed on meats, cereal grains, nuts, fish, and certain fruits, but they aren’t really choosy with the cuisine they are attracted to and will chomp their way through just about anything – including your garden herbs. While an herb garden isn’t a major attraction point for rats, they may sometimes end up damaging it if they don’t find anything better suited to their palate.

If you have noticed rats in your garden, these creatures would have to be excluded and then eliminated from your property. Only experienced professionals know which treatments and sprays will work effectively and keep the rats away without affecting the condition and health of the plants.

If you find that the rat infestation in your garden has gotten out of control, call in pest control specialists like the ones at Emblem Pest Services to deal with the problem. The number to call is – 1800 244 778. We provide high-grade, residential and commercial pest control services across Sydney, at very competitive pricing.

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