eliminate cockroaches in your garage

Cockroaches in Your Garage? Here’s How You Can Eliminate Them

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Garage spaces are a part of your home, but somehow they are a little segregated from the main areas of your home; their location and structure make them more vulnerable to pest attacks and homeowners often report cockroach infestations on their property.

And once your garage gets infested with pests, it doesn’t take too long for the infestation to spread to the other indoor areas. Here is some information on how you can eliminate these pests from your home:

The comfort factor

Cockroaches need three basic things to survive – food, warmth and moisture. While there are a large number of cockroach species, each with specific needs, if you really want to locate the areas cockroaches are hiding in your garage, check humid and dark areas. If there are recyclables and garbage cans that you have ignored to rinse before storing, these provide plenty of food sources for roaches that may eventually end up building nests very close by.

At times, the cockroaches you see in your garage are not really residents at all; they may have just strayed in from the garden during the night. So, if you find a stray cockroach in your garage, you may not necessarily find its nesting place. You can either swat the cockroach with a shoe or kill it with a spray.

Sanitation matters

One of the first steps to eliminate cockroaches is to start with sanitation. Keeping cockroaches away from your property is about being consistent and persistent with your efforts and sometimes, the cleanest of homes can have cockroaches. You might bring cockroaches into your home inadvertently, when you bring home paper bags, cardboard boxes and used clothing; so don’t blame yourself every time you see a cockroach in your house.

The one way to ensure that you effectively deal with the cockroach infestation is to spring clean your home. Often, if you reduce the number of spaces that provide harbourage for your home, the roaches can perish due to lack of the proper environment and food. Some of the things you should be doing to eliminate cockroaches in your garage are:

  • Toss out all paper bags and cardboard boxes as these become the breeding ground for cockroaches.
  • If you have books you don’t use, discard them; the binding of many books contains starch that becomes an attraction point for cockroaches and they use these areas to lay their eggs.
  • Make it a point to rinse all your recyclables; this is crucial if you have a cockroach problem. Even when you bag all the recyclables, cockroaches can easily find their way into the bags and will feast on the food very happily. This is why it’s a good idea to rinse all your recyclables and dry them thoroughly before you bag them and toss them into your garage.
  • It’s common for homeowners to stash garbage in their garage between pickups. This is akin to laying out a buffet for the cockroaches. If you do intend to keep the bags in the garage, make it a point to put it in cans and shut the lids tightly.
  • Leaking hot water heaters and dripping hoses become the source of moisture in your garage spaces and provide the perfect environment for a cockroaches’ breeding ground. Like many other insects, cockroaches can’t live without enough humidity and keeping these spaces dry is one way of reducing the incidence of these pests on your property.

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