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General Information

Mice and rats are the most common mammals across the world- in terms of species and numbers. Australia has a number of native rat and mice species and they will invade residential and commercial spaces alike. As they scavenge for food, they also destroy furniture, walls and bedding and can cause a lot of damage to the structure of your home as well as your garden as they tend to burrow into the soil.

They can be a true menace and we at Emblem Pest Services use specialized treatments to rid your property of them. They contaminate the environment and living spaces with their droppings and urine and spread diseases.


  • Mice and rats are very destructive pests & serious safety hazards
  • They gnaw at electrical cables and start fires
  • They eat vast amounts of food and even more is contaminated with their hair, faeces and urine and food spoilage is a major issue where there is a rat or mice infestation
  • They can gnaw through almost anything and will damage appliances, books, furniture and even the foundations of buildings
  • They can spread diseases to other animals and humans through their bite
  • They are transporters of lice, mites, fleas and ticks
  • Rat bite fever, Hantavirus, leptospirosis, trichinosis, rat mite dermatitis, infectious jaundice, pulmonary fever, salmonelliosis & typhus are the different types of diseases that rats spread
  • Mice can cause allergies like asthma
  • Rats and mice can be found almost everywhere – homes, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, farm fields, livestock pens, etc
Rodent Pest Control in Penrith
Rodent Control Penrith

Signs of Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are nocturnal creatures and you will rarely spot them roaming around in the daytime. But you will notice signs such as:

  • Rat Droppings – Rats produce at least 40 droppings every night and you will find them lying around in various locations in your home or commercial areas
  • Scratching Noises – Most black rats are very agile and can climb up drain pipes and walls and you will hear scratching noises in the attic or on the roof. Brown rats are not very good climbers and they tend to make a chattering or grinding sound with their teeth- this is called bruxing. They generally scurry under floorboards, sheds and decking
  • Footprints (running tracks) – If there are rats on your premises, you will find tail and foot marks in the less-used and dusty areas on your property
  • Rub Marks – Rats tend to follow well-established routes along walls and skirting boards and as they do not have strong eyesight. The dirt and grease on their bodies leaves dark marks and smudges on surfaces and objects
  • Burrows – Brown rats dig and excavate very extensive burrow systems while they are nesting, storing food or looking for shelter. They build their burrows near structures or solid objects like garages, sheds and decking and can also be found in wasteland and gardens

Types of Rodent Treatment

  • Baiting – We place baits in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets and use sticky boards, curiosity traps etc. Correct placement is all important in catching these pests
  • Snap Traps – These are typically made of wood and are excellent for catching rats and mice. Though the concept is almost 100 years old, these traps are extremely effective in controlling rats. They have a kill bar that kills the mouse/rat in one powerful stroke on the neck. It is also possible to get snap traps made of plastic or the clam style, quick-set ones
  • Live Catching – A trap is used to capture the rats or mice but since there is no snap, the animal is not killed inside the trap. The bait inside the trap attracts the rat and once it has entered the chamber, the trap door shuts, trapping the rat/mouse inside. This is considered to be a more humane method of rat catching
Pest Control Treatment
Benefits of Rodent Treatment

The Benefits of Rodent Pest Control

  • Rat and mice control help in keeping your home free of the diseases that these pests carry
  • Prevent destruction of property
  • Reduce the negative impact on production in a commercial setting like agriculture
  • Reduce impact on business
  • Maintain cleanliness

The fact is that rats and mice are a nuisance and a distinct threat to health. They defile the area, cause extensive damage and fires if they gnaw through wiring. Therefore it is important to notice the signs of a rat/mice infestation and call Emblem Pest Services without delay. We use all the latest Penrith pest control techniques and the most-effective treatments to get rid of the infestation.

We also ensure that preventive measures are set in place as this reduces the possibility of a recurrence. For complete pest control services in Penrith, The Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and the surrounding areas, contact us on 1800 244 778.

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