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Ant control in Penrith

General Information

Sydney homes & businesses are very regularly invaded by a number of pest ant species. Though they are small, ants transfer various bacteria and germs and can contaminate cooking utensils and food items. Leaving an ant infestation untreated will mean that the infestation grows and it will be very difficult to control it effectively.

The fact is that ant colonies can billow within the shortest possible time and before you know it, you will have ants crawling all round the place. They can nest in roof spaces, walls, electrical equipment and wiring, down lights etc.

  • Brown ants tend to invade bathroom and kitchen areas and will also be found in pantries. They seem to appear all of a sudden and even if you clean them up you will find that even more appear in the same place
  • Black ants are generally found in homes- mostly in kitchen spaces as they are very attracted to sweet foods. These too nest in roof voids and walls
  • Coastal Brown Ants nest within garden areas and buildings, but tare found almost everywhere and not just in coastal areas. These are quite common in properties across Sydney’s Western Suburbs.
  • Argentine Ants are very small brown ants that are a very invasive species and are found in nests in homes & buildings, largely in the cooler months. In the summer, they start spreading out in very large numbers and will occupy gardens, compost bins and pot plants. They are also very commonly found in rubbish bins, on excrement or dead animals

Facts about Ants in Australia

  • Since ants are very tiny, they can enter any space through the smallest of cracks and crevices. They seek water, greasy or sweet foods in storeroom or pantry areas
  • Ants leave a chemical trail that is invisible. It contains pheromones that other ants from the colony follow once the food source has been located
  • These pests will nest anywhere and everywhere in the home, walls, gardens, tree stumps, and under building foundations. The colonies can number upto 300,000-500,000, & whole colonies can actually uproot & relocate quickly if they are threatened
  • A colony can manage to live for a relatively long time. Worker ants might live 7 years, & the queen might live for as long as 15-years.

Types of Ant Treatment

There are a range of ant treatments and the one that we use, will be dependent on the species of ant and its location. Once our technicians come to your location, they will carry out a thorough inspection of the property and will then suggest corrective action as well as preventive treatments.

Every space has a very unique situation and there is no set treatment that is used. At Emblem Pest Services, every solution is customized for optimum benefit and we always attempt to ensure that the infestation does not recur. While treating an ant infestation, we may use a combination of:

  • Direct Sprays
  • Baits
  • Dusts
  • Barrier Sprays
Ant treatment

The Benefits

  • When you hire our ant control solutions, you are assured of effective and timely services
  • In most cases, the ant infestation can be controlled in a single treatment, which means there is very little impact on your busy schedule
  • Our ant-control team comes fully prepared to deal with all kinds of ant infestations and the method & substance to be used, will be decided on site
  • The insecticides we apply are non-toxic & extremely efficient and have very long-lasting effects. This allows us to make sure that the pests are completely removed from your site. The preventive treatment ensures that the infestation does not recur
  • We make use of a specialized ant-bite treatment which eliminates the entire ant nest & the colony members
Pest Control Experts

Call in the Experts

One of the most important aspects that you have to take into account while choosing a Penrith pest control company is the experience it has in the field, the kind of treatments it uses and the guarantees it provides. We use all the latest pest control sprays and products as well as the latest equipment. All our personnel are highly skilled and trained, can investigate and identify various household pest species and eliminate them very effectively, in the shortest possible time. We have the knowhow, experience, technology and the resources to provide you with the best pest control service at the times when you need them the most.

The Customized Approach

Very importantly, we create customized solutions that ensure the problem is attended to in the most effective way and that you are not bothered by those pests again. We at Emblem Pest Services focus on complete customer satisfaction and make sure that all the pest infestations are eliminated completely and that they do not return. For effective and lasting ant control and termite inspections in Penrith and the surrounding suburbs, contact Emblem Pest Services 1800 244 778.

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